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BlockTanks is a simple and explosive multiplayer tank game. The game was started by Kevin Champagne in January, 2016. Since then, it has gained a large amount of players and new features.

This FAQ is designed to answer the questions that many people have when first discovering BlockTanks.

General Questions

Do I have to install any plugins?

BlockTanks is pure javascript and HTML, so it should work on any (new) browser without plugins. If you have a browser-specific issue, please contact the developer.

How can I support BlockTanks?

Simply playing the game is more than enough support! If you want, you can also purchase cosmetic in-game upgrades from the BlockTanks shop, which will directly support the development of the game!

Someone was abusing the BlockTanks chat, what can I do?

We encourage all users to report abusive players using the in-game report tool. This is the easiest way for the BlockTanks moderators to resolve the situation. To use the report feature, access the scoreboard by clicking the icon in the top-left of a match, and clicking a player's name. You can also let us know about the situation in the BlockTanks Discord server.

I have an idea for a feature on BlockTanks. How can I tell you about it?

You can contact the developer, but we would prefer if you used the BlockTanks Discord server. Plus, you'll get a much quicker response from the community than from us!

Can I volunteer for BlockTanks as an artist?

Currently, we are not looking for artists. However, if you have a cool idea for an item or asset, post it in the BlockTanks Discord server and we'll take a look!

What about as a game designer, programmer, etc?

Same answer as above. However, we always welcome suggestions, and if you see bugs in the game or its code, let us know in the BlockTanks Discord server.

Can I become a BlockTanks YouTube partner?

Sure! Becoming a YouTube partner gives your BlockTanks account VIP (see below), and you get a custom item for your YouTube channel, which your fans can unlock and equip using a custom link (ex: blocktanks.io/yourchannel). However, due to the increased demand for partnerships, we now have baseline eligibility requirements for your channel:

  • Your channel must have 200 or more subscribers.
  • Your channel must be primarily gaming-related content.
  • Your channel must be more than three weeks old.
  • In order to receive BlockTanks VIP, your channel must have more than 500 subscribers.

In order to maintain your partnership status, you must make at least one BlockTanks promo video directing fans to your custom link, and upload it to your channel. Also, if you have 1000 or more subscribers, we can offer you a sponsorship (a partnership where we also pay you based on your average video view count). Contact us for more info!

*For Twitch streamers, the requirements are the same, except with followers

What is BlockTanks VIP?

BlockTanks VIP is a way to unlock awesome upgrades to your BlockTanks account while also directly supporting the game! Here is what you get as a VIP:

  • Access to all current and future BlockTanks items.
  • No advertisements.
  • A golden username in-game.
  • The VIP role in the BlockTanks Discord server, and a secret channel.
  • Discounts on custom items.

Check it out in the BlockTanks shop.


Do I need to create an account?

Users do not need accounts to play - they can simply play as guests. However, creating an account allows you to have a custom username and appearance, track your progress, and level up.

What are the controls?

Use the WASD keys to move. Move your mouse to aim and click to fire. Use the scroll wheel or number keys to switch weapons. To view the team board or help menu, click the respective icon in the top left.

What are the black squares in the game? How do they work?

The black squares are covered areas, similar to roofs, in which a tank can hide under, shielded from other players' screens. This allows for strategic evasions and surprise attacks.


Why is the game laggy / why am I being disconnected from the game?

If the game is laggy, you might have a high ping or a slow computer. Check your ping by clicking on the '?' icon to bring up the help menu.

If you are getting disconnected repeatedly, it might actually be the server crashing. Contact the developer if you believe this is the case.

Why is the game not loading properly / why are items stuck on the screen?

If you unfocus the game at any time it may cause issues, refreshing should fix this.

If you are still experiencing issues contact the developer to report them.

I still have questions!

Feel free to contact us here or on Discord! Just know that it might take time for us to respond since we get a lot of messages and we try to limit our activity on Discord. If we don't respond within 24 hours, just send a follow-up message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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